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We are gamers and also we play a lot of facebook games. We played a lot of games in facebook and one of the best facebook game is farmville 2. This is a social game based on farming. As everybody know player needs a lot of gifts and item to play this game properly and that's where we came in. We created this website to give free gifts to all facebook games or at least those games who need free gifts.

Service we provide:

Anyway many of you may ask where do we get these free gifts or item. We collect it from various source such as public forum , other websites, official facebook page etc. Sometimes we buy gifts only for our official site which is fbgamecity. We try our best to help the user as much as possible and hopefully we will continue helping in future. Thanks for all the supports and love.


  1. Thank you for these gifts. The majority of the time I am too
    late....for water, fertilizer or bottles, but when I do get something
    it really comes in handy.


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  3. Things have not been updated in a day or so, please help.

    Thanks, Windee

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  5. Thank you.
    Was wondering if you have any free fuel as well as we are always short of fuel :)

  6. Thank you very much for the free gifts.
    I would like to be an affiliate.
    How do I do this type of free gifts page?
    If you don't mind.

  7. Love your gift pages! Been clicking here for maybe a year or so. Thank you for your offerings.

  8. I've noticed that you guys haven't been keeping up with the free gifts hourly daily like you were. If you need help administrating the site I'd been willing to volunteer some time.

  9. Is it normal that the gifts are 6 days old ?


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