Player at risk: will Farmville 2 be dead in 2020?

Flash is getting banned in 2020. That doesn't necessarily mean that flash is going to end forever. However most browsers will use this opportunity to completely disable it after 2020. 

Why is this happening ?

Well, flash has a come a long way. Flash was used for showing ad, video and run small game on browser. The main problem with flash is that it is very insecure. Male-ware developer use flash hack browser and it is very much possible cause flash has to many zero-day exploits. So obviously flash became security risk for browser. On top of that flash is too clunky and has performance issue on many device today. 

For many browser not having flash will not change anything cause most browser disable flash player by default. You need to manually allow flash to work on browser. So as i mentioned earlier most user will not even realize that flash is gone. By 2021 you can be sure that all the browser will ban flash player.

What is replacement for flash ?

Here we have a good news. HTML5 is the best replacement of flash. HTML5 can do everything that flash can do even better it is way more powerful then flash and HTML5 is more light then flash. Basically HTML5 is the better version of flash in everyway possible. Not just HTML5, WebGL and Unity are also very good for browser. With HTML5 you can do basically anything on browser including making better and powerful games. So it is safe to say that flash will not be missed in future.

What will happen to Farmville 2 ?

Now for the main topic. What will happen to all the flash game including Farmville 2. Well, there is two answer for that and only Zynga knows which will happen. Number one, this is the end of Farmville 2 meaning Farmville 2 will end in 2020. Number two, Zynga can remake in HTML5 or Unity which will be the best solution. Because in html5 Farmville 2 will be more light and more powerful. Basically Zynga can add more features and stuff to the game. But it's completely depend Zynga, if they think Farmville 2 is worth making meaning it's still profitable then they will remake otherwise it is end for Farmville 2.


  1. All the years invested in this game it would be a shame to end it 🙂

  2. I just started do
    I wouldn't be happy for sure

  3. They did the same thing to Mafia Wars. After years of play, High ranking and every part it was just gone. Most of the friends I have on my page are from Mafia Wars. Zynga sucks

  4. Please do not end farmville 1...please !!!

  5. ive pkayed farmville for years and its taken me for ever to get to where i AM

  6. Shortly *before* this article came out, Zynga completed the "Launcher+" upgrade that will be the only platform for Farmville2 and its mobile-friendly Country Escape.


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