Farmville 2 Free XP

Experience, in short XP which is very important in farmville 2. Because Without XP you can not level up and without leveling up you can not unlock the features of this wonderful game. So here we are giving you free XP to help you level up and enjoy the game more.

How to earn experience or XP. Well in farmville 2 basically every activity will give you XP. one XP for Watering a seed or tree, one XP  for fertilizing a tree or seed, Specific amount of XP  for feeding an animal (Of course the Xp is depend by the animal and if it is an adult or prized animal). A certain amount of XP to Craft a recipe (Also here the XP is determined by the recipe).Again a limited number of XP Harvest a crop or tree products (the xp is determined by the type of plant). XP for Harvesting a prized crop (Xp is determined by the coop), 10 XP Harvesting your Mud Wallow. These are some of the example of how you can gain experience. On top of that too help you guys we are giving you 1000 XP.

In bottom you will find a XP image and this is where you will get free experience. (you have to click on the experience image). Be aware that, these are not official zynga gift so there is a chance that it can expire. This is why only faster user can get the items. A great idea is to check often in our page for updated gifts. But what can you do if the gifts expire when you get here? well two things, One you can mention the admins to update the links or number two is simple, you can come back later. We try to update the expire gifts as soon as possible. So we will suggest not be late. Click on the image claim your free gifts before it runs out. And Happy farming all.

Click the image bellow to get free XP:
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