Farmville 2 Free Unwither

This page is giving you farmville 2 free Unwither. Now what is unwither and what does it do. If your crops get withered due to taking too much time to harvest then your crops get withered (normally it takes three days after crops have become ready to harvest). Which means those crops are now useless and you have clear it without getting any product. If you are lucky you can get some fertilizer for that but that's about it. But with unwither spray you can unwither your withered crop. Unwither instantly revitalizes your crops and makes them harvest ready on instant.

You can get unwither in several ways. Normally you will receive unwither from friends as gifts or you can get it by completing different quest. Also keep in mind that your Neighbors can unwither your withered crops for free but only 5 per 18 hours max. You can also buy unwither with farm bucks if you like. 2 single Pack with 3 Farm Bucks, 10 medium pack for 10 farm bucks and 25 large pack for 20 farm bucks. And lastly you can collect free unwither everyday from this page. 

At the bottom of this page you will find some unwither pack image and from there you can get free unwither. (Just click on the unwither image). Please understand that these are not official zynga gift so it can expire. Only faster user will get the gifts. So what can you do if the gifts expire when you get here? Two things, number one you can mention the admins or you can come back some times later. Because we update the expire gift link as soon as possible. So Don’t be late click on the image claim your free gifts and start playing the game. Happy farming All. 

Click the image bellow to get free Unwither:
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