Farmville 2 Free Prize Shovel

Farmville 2 Prize Shovel is a social gift. With Prize Shovel you can get double or Triple country fair point depending on which Shovel you have. So how does it work ? If you are ready to harvest activate any Prize Shovel you have from your inventory then harvest the crops for extra double or triple or even 10x point.

In farmville 2 point are very necessary in order to win first place on country fair event. What is a country fair event ? This is event between your facebook friends who play farmville 2 and this even take place basically every Week. And how this event works ? The event works similarly to the Winner's Wagon, but with a twist. This time, you will not only craft items to reach your personal goals and earn rewards instead you will compete with other farmers for the top spot to get better prizes like Power Pins and exclusive Farm Hands that will help you for a week. If you can take the first place among your friends then you will get 4 mastery gift box, the 2nd place will get 3 and the 3rd place will get 2 box. So as you can see country fair point is very important to win these even and as i mentioned earlier you can earn double or triple or 10x point. All you have to do is to collect free prize Shovel from this page.

In bottom you will find a Shovel image and this is where you will get free prized Shovel. Please note, these are not official zynga gift so there is a chance that it can expire. This is why only faster user can get the items. A great idea is to check often in our page for updated gifts. But what can you do if the gifts expire when you get here? Either mention the admins to update the links or you can come back later. We try to update the expire gifts as soon as possible. So we will suggest not be late. Click on the image claim your free gifts before it runs out. And Happy farming all. 

Click the image bellow to get free Prize Shovel:
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