Farmville 2 Free Power Time Certificates

This is the page where you can get free Power Time Certificates. With Power Time Certificates you can get free power for 24 hours. Off course you have to have a Furnace to harvest the power. A Furnace is a Building in FarmVille 2 where  player can get Power 10 Power from this building each Clock 23 hours. When you activate power time certificates you will have full furnace all the time. From there you can collect unlimited power.

With power you can create recipes on Kitchen, Crafting Kiln and Workshop. Recipes are very important in this game because you can earn a lot of gold with recipes. IF you want to level up or buy land you will need the gold and you can not create recipes without power. So this power time Certificates will give you unlimited power for 24 hour. Now you can get power as gifts from friends or completing quest or even buy it with farm bucks. Two single pack for three farm bucks, ten pack for eight farm bucks and 15 power for ten farm bucks. Last way is to you can collect power from our page. We share power everyday and from this page you can collect free power time certificates. Just click the image bellow to collect free power time certificates.

We would like to remind that these gift are not official zynga gifts. So they will eventually run out after a certain amount of number. So we would suggest to visit this page often so that you can take the gifts early. There are limited number of gifts are available and this is why we update the gift daily. So if you fail to get today's gift then please come back tomorrow early or let us know that the gift is gone and we will update the link as soon as possible. Happy farming all.

Click the image bellow to get free Power Time Certificates:
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