Farmville 2 Free Double Mastery Certificate

This is farmville 2 double mastery certificate page. In farmville 2 is the Mastery points are very important. Basically mastery is a three-star system which is normally used for level up your items. You have the chance to earn world class mastery seals. For that you just have to collect enough mastery seals. 

Now that we know what is mastery point and what does it do, the real question is how to get mastery point in farmville 2. There are many way to earn mastery points. As i said before mastery is a three-star system that is used to "level up" your items. Now you can earn mastery by earning mastery seals. You need to collect mastery stars and the first star gives you 5% more coins when you sell that item and the second star gives you a 10% time deduction when you harvest that item and the final star gives you a 15% chance of getting extra if that item when you harvest it.

In this page we are giving you free double mastery certificate and with this Certificate you can earn double point when you collect mastery seals and stars. This certificate will help you complete these masters very fast.

Please remember that this is not farmville 2 official gifts so it can expire any time. so you need to collect the gifts as soon as possible. If other player beat you then you will not get the gifts because of that limited numbers. We suggest to visit the page often to get the and if you do get bitten then please mention the moderator or come back tomorrow early cause we do update the gifts daily. 

Click the image bellow to get free Double Mastery Certificate:
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