Farmville 2 Free Fertilize All Certificate

Farmville 2 is a very popular farming game. Here you can farm as if you could farm in real life. This game is very fun and almost a millions of player plays it every month. In farmville 2 you can plant crops water them and even fertilize it for better result.

What is Fertilizer or how to Fertilize your crops ? Fertilizer is something that can be applied to your seeds, crops and trees for extra product in the time of your harvest. Remember fertilizing anything like seeds, crops or trees gives you 1 xp and harvesting it will give another xp point which will help you level up faster in farmville 2. Now how to get fertilizer? Animal may give you fertilizer when fed but it is not guarantied. Some specific animal will give you fertilizer for sure such as horse. You can feed horse for fertilizer and other product. Another way is to get Fertilizer from Fertilizer bin but in this case you will need a Fertilizer bin and you have to build it. Now if you have that you will one point each time you feed any animal and after forty point you will get 12 Fertilizer for free. The last way to collect Fertilizer is from our page. We share free Fertilizer everyday. You just have to come and collect it everyday. 

Lets go to the main topic. What is Fertilize all Certificate? This is a Certificate which will Fertilize your crops, seeds and trees basically everything that can be fertilized. Please remember that you can use one Certificate only one time. After that the Fertilize Certificate will be gone. So to get the best result from this Fertilize Certificate you need plant crops as much as possible. After planting all of your crops and trees use this fertilize all certificate. This way you can make most of the use of this Certificate. Remember that this will give you a lot of experience in process. Make sure you make a good use of that too. You can get free Certificate from our page everyday. This is a limited number of gifts so fast come fast serve. However if other farmers somehow beat you then please inform us so that we can update the links or come back tomorrow early. 

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