Farmville 2 Free Power Pack

This is Farmville 2 Free power page. In this page you will get Farmville 2 Free Power link. Power is used for making recipe and crafting item. So without power you can not make anything is the kitchen or workshop. This will definitely cause problem in your game. In this page you will get extra free power which will help you in the Farmville 2 game. You should get those power in your game inventory (off course you have to collect from our page first).

How to get power pack Farmville 2:

There are various ways to get power in Farmville 2. Please remember that power is consumable in the game. Normally each recipe will cost you one power (Can be different based on recipe). Also each crafting will cost you same amount (also can be different based on crafting). Now if you want more power then you have to build furnace. With the help of furnace you can get 10 extra power in twenty four hours. Be advised you have to finish building the furnace to get ten power. This is not a default building in Farmville 2. Once you finished building the furnace you can get ten extra power. You also can buy power with real money. You can buy 10 power for 5 farm bucks. Another way is to get power from our page and obliviously this is why you come to this page.


In bottom you will find many power image and this is where you will get free power. (you have to click on the power image). Be aware that, these are not official zynga gift so there is a chance that it can expire. This is why only faster user can get the items. A great idea is to check often in our page for updated gifts. But what can you do if the gifts expire when you get here? well two things, One you can mention the admins to update the links or number two is simple, you can come back later. We try to update the expire gifts as soon as possible. So we will suggest not be late. Click on the image claim your free gifts before it runs out. Happy farming All.

Click the image bellow to get free Power:
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