Farmville 2 Free Mystery Box

This is farmville 2 free mystery box page. From this page you can get free mystery box for your game. Now you may ask what is mystery box or gift. In mystery box you can get anything like paper, salt, free certificate, silver and gold shovel, coins even farm bucks. But remember that farm backs are very rare in mystery box. Most of the time you will get normal stuff like salt,paper, fertilizer etc. Golden shovel, various certificate, farm bucks those are rare gifts which you will not find often.

How to get Mystery Box Farmville 2:

Now lets talk about how to get mystery box. Well finding mystery box or gift is not that easy. There is only one valuable way and that way include your friends. You can get mystery box from your friends if they share it. Just simply click on their post to claim the the gifts. One another way is to complete different quest where you can get mystery box as a gift. But these quest are completely random and normally player do not have any control over these quest. So it is kind of hard to get mystery box gift in the game. The last way is to collect mystery box from this page. You just have click on the image to claim the free mystery box.


This is the section where we like to remind you that these gift are not official farmville 2 gift so it has a chance to ran out anytime. Depends on how many farmer came before you. Now if you come late there is a chance that you will not be able to collect the gifts. In that case come back early tomorrow or mention the moderator. Please remember that we do update gifts daily. You just have to visit early to claim them. Anyway have a good day and happy farming.

Click the image bellow to collect Free Mystery Box: