Farmville 2 Free Mustang Horse

You are in Farmville 2 free Mustang horse page. In this page you can get free mustang horse for your game. Mustang horse is a animal on farmville 2. A baby Mustang horse will take nine bottle to grow up as adult. Remember that this horse can be fed in very 6 hour and it will take 6 feed and give 1 Horseshoe and Fertilizer 3 Fertilizers also 5 xp. After 50 time feeding it will be a prized animal. Then it can be fed in every 18 hours it will give 1 Fine Saddle also 42 Xp. Player can sold this prized horse for 2,800 coins. Anyway all that aside if i am being honest then i think Black Arabian Horse is more efficient Horse then mustang horse.

How to get Mustang horse Farmville 2:

This is the part where we will tell you how to get mustang horse in your game.  You can buy a baby Mustang horse with 14,000 coins and get an adult horse for 20 farm bucks. Another way is collect from friends post if they complete specific quest then you can take it as a reward by clicking on their post. Now player can complete quest to get this horse as a reward but remember that the reward is for random quest. Finally you can collect Farmville 2 free Mustang horse from our page. Just click on the image bellow to get the free gifts.


Please remember that this is not farmville 2 official gifts so it can expire any time. so you need to collect the gifts as soon as possible. If other player beat you then you will not get the gifts because of that limited numbers. We suggest to visit the page often to get the and if you do get bitten then please mention the moderator or come back tomorrow early cause we do update the gifts daily.  

Click the image bellow to get free Mustang Horse:
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