Farmville 2 Free Favor Pack

You are currently in farmville 2 Favor page. Here you can get free favor in your game. What is favor? favor is one kind of currency in farmville 2 game just like coins and farm bucks. This specific currency used for buying expansions and farm upgrades. For example the barn can be purchased by using only 2,210 Favors (it will cost you 11,200,000 Coins if you use coins). So favor is very good for purchasing or expanding.

How to get Favor in game:

Now there are multiple ways to obtain favor in the game. Most common is to complete order in the market stand and this is probably the most common way to get favor in game. Now depending on the difficulty you will gain a certain amount of favor. Normally you will be rewarded by 100 favor if you can complete 15 order within a week. You can also get 200 in one week by completing all order in your co-op (Note that all member have to complete their order). Other way is to win prizes in the mini game, limited time quest, regular quest series etc (You will be rewarded with 10 favor for these stuff). Moving up in rank in keeper of harvest is also a good way to gain favor. Please remember that once you upgraded the market stand almost all the quest will reward you with at lease 1 favor.


As we say always in our page that these favors are not official farmville 2 gift. So Other farmers/players can beat you by claiming it early. So you need visit this page often to get favors early and beat other players. If you didnt get today's gift then come back tommorow cause we update gift everyday. Anyway hope you have a nice day and happy farming.

Click on favor icon to claim your gift:

Click the image bellow to get free Favor:
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