Farmville 2 Free Baby Gypsy Horse

This is farmville 2 Free baby Gypsy horse page. What is gypsy horse? you may ask. Well it is a animal in farmville 2. An adult gypsy horse will produce 5 Horseshoes and 2 Fertilizers each time player feeds that horse. Player will also get 10 xp. And you can feed the horse in every 4 hours. Please remember that a baby gypsy horse will take 12 baby bottle to turn into a adult one. After 100 time feeding it will be a Prized Gypsy Horse. A Prized Gypsy Horse can be fed on every 18 hours and it will provide 2 Fine Saddles which can be used in workshop to make other valuable products.

How to get Baby Gypsy Horse Farmville 2:

There are not many ways to obtain baby gypsy horse. You can get one unlocking specific lands. Also player can get this as a reward for completing certain quest. Player can always buy gypsy horse with farm bucks. A baby gypsy horse will cost 28 farm bucks  and an adult gypsy horse will cost 54 farm bucks. As you can gypsy horse are not that cheap. So you can collect free baby gypsy horse from these page. You just have to click on the relevant image bellow on these page and you are good to go.


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Click the image bellow to get free Baby Gypsy Horse:
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