Farmville 2 Free Fertilizer Pack

You are currently in Farmville 2 Free Fertilizer page. From this page you can get free fertilizer for your game. Fertilizer is used for getting extra product form your crops and trees. You have to use fertilizer on your seeds and trees which will give you one extra product on harvest. It is kind of similar to super feed where you also get extra goods from animals. Both of the items are very useful in farmville 2 games. Remember that you will get 1 XP each time you fertilize a seed or tree. This bonus XP really helps player to level up faster in farmville 2 game.

How to get Fertilizer in game:

There are many ways to get fertilizer in game. Animal will give fertilizer when player feeds them (Normally bigger animals give fertilizer like cow,horse, goat and many others). Another way is to get fertilizer from your friends facebook post. A fertilizer bin will give you additional 12 fertilizer and a chance to contain a single speed grow (25% chance to be accurate). It is filled with fertilizer produce by adults animals and it will be available once it reach the maximum capacity which is 40. Now this is not default building so you have to build it. To build fertilizer bin player will need 10 green paints, 10 grass crippling and 10 wood planks. Then with the help of four neighbors player can build this building.


The free fertilizer you will get from this page are not from zynga so please keep in mind that these gifts can expire any time. Only early farmers will get them. So i will advice to check this page as much as possible to get free fertilizer. Just click on fertilizer image to claim your gifts. Once you collected them you will find it in your game.

Click the image bellow to get free Fertilizer:
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