Farmville 2 Free Feed Pack

Here you will find Farmville 2 free feed pack. Feed is also consumable like power. Feed pack is necessary for feeding your animals. If you feed your animal you will get goods from them. That is how the game works. Different animal will give you different goods. For simple example chicken will egg each time you feed them and cow will give you milks every time. Anyhow in this page will will find free feed pack.

How to get feed in game:

First you will need a feed mill to make feed. Good news is you will have a default feed mill building in the game. So you don't have to build this one. Now you can make feed in feed mill after processing crops, fruits, flower and also with tree materials. Those four are the only way to make feed. I am sure that you can guess different materials will give different number of feeds. Like each tomato will give you 2 feed and each strawberry will give you 10 feed. You can store 25 feed. You can increase your storage by additional 25 if you build a silo (Note that you can build multiple silo). Storage can be also increased by 35 by building a Goat Shelter or a Sheep Shack. One last thing, you can increase your storage by 50 if you finish building a Prized Chicken Coop. Finally you can buy feed with farm bucks. 5 bucks for 1 farm buck, 10 for 2 and 25 for 3 farm buck. 


At the bottom of this page you will find Farmville 2 free feed pack. All you have to do is to click on the feed pack image. Then you will find it in your inventory in your game. Let us remind you again that these gifts are not official zynga gift it can expire anytime. Only faster user can get the items so it's a good idea to visit our page often for updated gifts. Claim your gift from bottom and happy farming all.

Click the image bellow to get free Feed:
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